Captain’s dairy with Given Msimango

GIVEN Msimango has been performing with honour and distinction. His displays has earned him a national call up with the Under-23 squad. In his last game against Kaizer Chiefs, he was chosen as the man of the match. The TS Galaxy captain, Given Msimango sat down with TS Galaxy website to discuss his good fortunes over the last few months. 

TS Galaxy (TSG): How does it feel to be in the national team? 
Given Msimango (GM): It is always an honour and privilege to be called in to the national team regardless if it is Bafana Bafana, Under-20 or Under-23. For me, it always bring a sense of pride. It has always brought happiness and joy in to my family. 
TSG: Everything is going well for you, you were recently elected as the captain of TS Galaxy FC and then won a man of the match gong against Kaizer Chiefs and now you are in the national team. Are you happy with what is happening currently in your career? 
GM: The last few months have been fantastic for me. I would like to thank the Lord almighty who is in control of everything. He has blessed me a lot in my career. I’ve faced a lot of setbacks and now I’m really enjoying my football. I’m learning and growing under the leadership at TS Galaxy. I’m truly honoured to be named as a captain. They have shown a lot of faith in me. I need to repay that good faith with good performances in the field of play. The last game that we played against Kaizer Chiefs was a collective effort. Getting a man of the match was good for me personally. It all goes down to the collective. The team comes first. If my teammates don’t do well, I’m also not happy because it is all about collective effort not individuals. Team work is going to be key for us in maintaining consistency. If we continue working hard and do well as a team. I think, we will yield good results. The future is bright for us. 
TSG: How key is this camp for the Under-23 as we prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo? 
GM: This is a very important camp for the team. It will help the team to gelling well. It will help us when we go in to these foreign countries. It is not easy to travel far and play a major tournament.  It will give us a base on what to expect. It will give an opportunity to the coach to assess players who are at camp and get the right combination. It is a very important camp and it will yield good results. 
TSG: How are you planning to handle fame and at the same time maintain consistency? 
GM: For me, I’ll take it like any other game. I don’t try and overthink things. Yes, I’m with the national team but I’ll take it as if I’m at TS Galaxy. Football is football. You just need to apply your mind in everything that you do. Make sure that you strive for excellence. Always work hard everyday. Play your game. Go out there and give it your best.  My best has gotten me to this far. If I put more effort, I know that it will get me even further. 
TSG: Where do you want to see yourself come the end of this season? 
GM: Hard work, consistency and determination can help me achieve one of my long term goals of representing my country at the highest level. The Olympics Games in Tokyo ticks one of those boxes. It is one of the best tournaments in the world. If I make it in to that tournament, it will be a huge milestone for me in my career. I hope it will help me tick other boxes as well. I’m really excited for the future and look forward to it. 

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