Sukazi is the man on the mission


TS Galaxy is bound to blossom in coming years. The Rockets are growing and flourishing under the leadership of the visionary, Tim Sukazi who is the president of the club.

Galaxy was formed as an amateur club in 2015 but it is now a force to be reckoned with in South Africa football in their short stint of existence within the professional ranks.

In 2019, Galaxy defied the odds as they dispatched Kaizer Chiefs at the iconic, Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban to be crowned the Nedbank Cup champions.

The Rockets do not only empower talented football players but they also put more emphasis on young women empowerment.

Sukazi explained to the media at The Batcenter in Durban this past weekend why the club decided to embark on the cheerleading program and what it entails.

“At TS Galaxy we thrive on talent. It doesn’t matter what kind of talent. We believe that we as South Africans, we are very talented. It is now incumbent upon us as a young and vibrant football club to allow the youth to thrive on their talent by piggybacking on the professional football platform and environment that we have, be it dancers, models, singers or any other talent, they are very much accommodated. We are busy setting up a youth academy that that talks to girls and young women, TS Galaxy Girls Sports Academy. We will accommodate all girls and young women who are talented in other ways than football. The idea is to afford young women an opportunity to life in the same or better way that a talented young man would achieve by playing football. The programme is centered on skills development, education and young women empowerment.”Sukazi lamented.

Galaxy graced the streets of Durban this past weekend as they were searching for talented girls in modeling, dancing and singing. The masses in Durban floated in their numbers to showcase their talent.

“As you’ve seen in our cheerleading program, in as much as as you may think that these are just cheerleaders but this is a very important program. I think, it has even bigger impact than just playing the game of football. Yes, I know we are a football club but if we think of it, the girl child has got an opportunity or a platform to achieve their goals in life throught this programme. We’ve pulled them from various disadvantaged communities. They are accommodated, educated and their daily needs are being taken care of by our Club.” Sukazi elaborated.

TS Galaxy will be bringing a new lease of life in top flight football.

“We believe that if we can do it correctly, one or two of them will make it to university. This year we’ve got two matriculants. We want to see them at universities through the Club next year. Hopefully, they will become something by accomplishing a cerficate or a degree. I hope that they will accomplish something for their families too,” Sukazi explained.

TS Galaxy will be campaigning in the elite league in the new season after acquiring the Premier division status of Highlands Park.

“As a person you may not have money and all the flashy things but the only gift you could give to a child is confidence and children can go far. They will end up becoming what they want to be. The TS Galaxy FC logo has a star that represents the stardom in everyone who belongs to our Galaxy. , you look at our logo, there is a star. It takes something of this special nature to unleash that stardom. We don’t want to confine our people only to football because not every would have that special ability to play the game of football.” he added.

Over the past few weeks the club has been busy searching for talent in Mpumalanga.

“The bear minimum achievement is the motivation to the youth. You all saw the number of youth that was here. What does that say? They are out of the streets, at east for the three hours, they spent here which was worthwhile. They might have been preserved from other things today as our society is faced with so many challenges as we know. Our children are exposed. That alone to us, it is a big plus. After today they have been given a message that can inspire them to be who they can be as long as they believe in what they have.” Sukazi detailed.

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