TS Galaxy FC President Statement on GBV & Women’s Month

1 August 2020 – As the country commemorates and celebrate Womens’ Month, it comes at a very difficult time when a significant number of women in our country find themselves having to endure some of the most inhumane treatment instituted by men.

While battling against the invisible enemy that is Covid-19, the continued rise of women abuse, which in some instances has led to the unfortunate passing of future women leaders is another pandemic that our country is currently faced with.

In view of our Club’s belief in the critical role that women stand to play in our society, we strongly stand against any form of discrimination and violence against our women.  As our Club operates in a male dominated business it is quite opportune to advocate our stance against women abuse and any form of gender based violence.

As we stand in a very fortunate position that allows our voice to be heard by our millions of football fanatics, it is upon us and many other organizations of prominence to take a strong stance against this new pandemic in the form of women abuse and gender based violence.  We pride ourselves for being a Club that is at forefront of creating an enabling environment for the meaningful participation of women in the business of football.  We have gone as far as creating special programmes that talk to young women upliftment and empowerment.  We are a Club that would want to see as many women prosper through our professional football platform.  TS Galaxy Football Club therefore stands boldly against any form of discrimination, unfair treatment and acts of violence against women.

As we commemorate Women’s Month, the club will be embarking on a series of digital campaigns that celebrate the women who play a key role in the ever-growing success of TS Galaxy FC. This will be through a variety of topics and engagements that will be spearheaded by the strong women of the Club. By so doing, we want to not only highlight the important role that can be played by women in football, but in society as a whole.

We cordially invite everyone to join us in what would be an unprecedented journey of celebrating Womens’ Month.  We further invite all women who would want an opportunity to be part of this beautiful Club to engage us further on via our available channels.

Wathinta abafazi uthinte imbokodo!


Yours in Sport,

Tim Sukazi


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